The Writing Process


Spontaneity is not a skill of mine, of that I can be certain. The initial momentum of creativity leaves me feeling invincible to the forces that may hinder the writing process, for I am an even bigger force of nature that refuses to be abated. Words flow smoothly across the screen and continue to piece together into an intricate work of art. But wait. Is that a spelling mistake? Fingers pause above the keys, an eye twitches at such an amateur mistake but it is an easy one to make and the forgiving character of the backspace button appeases my perfectionist mind. Prepared to wield my literary devices once again, I reach for my sword – only to find the holster empty. In trigger happy frustration, jumbled words and nonsensical sentences worm their way along the screen. My indestructible casing had slumped off and lay sloppily at my feet. Wrists tied and mind encased in a serious infliction of writer’s block, I can do no more than stare into the unfinished void that is my laptop screen. A tear slips from my eye. I close the lid of the laptop in shame. I am defeated.

The writing process has been obstructed once more. A cycle to be inevitably repeated.


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